The Impact of the Zero-COVID Policy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, China implements a Zero-COVID policy to stop the virus's community transmission. Between the mid of April and the end of May 2022, due to a COVID-19 outbreak, most areas of Shanghai, a megacity in China, entered strict lockdown control. Numerous residents are restricted in their (typically gated) neighborhoods and can only collect essential supplies delivered by local government officials.

Such an extreme public health policy causes severe consequences, including non-COVID medical delays and deaths. To understand the true impact, I collected a unique data set containing over 4000 requests by residents seeking supplies or medical care during the strict lockdown. Each request includes information about the time of the post, emergency level, type of request, detailed description, address, and whether or not the request has been resolved.

Reference: 2022 Shanghai COVID-19 outbreak

Website for residents to submit requests for help, organized by community volunteers

Two-week's Request Data (16 administrative districts)