Yuting Yuan

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Operations Management at Simon Business School, University of Rochester, under the supervision of Professor Yaron Shaposhnik. I will be joining William & Mary as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science in the Summer of 2022.

My research is focused on service operation and interpretable decision making in innovative business models. I am primarily interested in utilizing data science to derive decision support tools for complex service systems.

Research (Reverse chronological order)

Staff Sharing Under Uncertainty

One-Sentence Summary: I propose capacity sharing strategy for service systems with worker shortages, which leads to significant cost-savings compared with a benchmark rule that staffs each unit independently.

Waiting-Time Prediction with Invisible Customers

  • with Yoav Kerner, Ricky Roet-Green, Arik Senderovich and Yaron Shaposhnik (Major revision, M&SOM; latest draft)

One-Sentence Summary: We derive accurate predictions for patients' waiting times in a queue, when the system predictor only observes partial queue length.

Interpretable Rules for Predicting Congestion Risk in Queueing Systems: Applications to ICUs

  • with Fernanda Bravo, Cynthia Rudin and Yaron Shaposhnik (Submitted; latest draft)

One-Sentence Summary: We apply queueing theory and machine learning (ML) to derive interpretable prediction rules for ICU capacity issues in short term.

Research Yuting Yuan.mp4

A 5-minute video tour of my research (produced in 2021).

Information Visibility in Omnichannel Queues

  • with Ricky Roet-Green (working draft available at SSRN)

One-Sentence Summary: We study the impact of the invisible queue in an omnichannel system on throughput and social welfare, where customers strategically decide to join or balk.


Lab Instructor

  • Operations Management, MBA (Rating: 4.5/5)

Teaching Assistant

  • Advanced Business Modeling, MBA/MS

  • Programming for Analytics, MS

  • Social Media Analytics, MS

  • Information System for Management, MBA

  • Introduction to Business Analytics, MBA/MS

Research Presentations

  • INFORMS Healthcare Conference, Virtual, 2021

  • CORS Annual Conference, Virtual, 2021

  • POMS 31th Annual Conference, Virtual, 2021

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Virtual, 2020

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, 2019

  • INFORMS Workshop on Data Science, Seattle, WA, 2019

  • INFORMS Healthcare Conference, Cambridge, MA, 2019

  • POMS 30th Annual Conference, Washington D.C., 2019