Yuting Yuan

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Operations Management at Simon Business School, University of Rochester, under the supervision of Professor Yaron Shaposhnik.

My research is focused on service operation and interpretable decision making in innovative business models. I am primarily interested in utilizing data science to derive decision support tools for complex service systems.

Research (Reverse chronological order)

Staff Sharing Under Uncertainty

One-Sentence Summary: I propose capacity sharing strategy for service systems with worker shortages, which leads to significant cost-savings compared with the commonly used independent staffing rule.

Waiting-Time Prediction with Invisible Customers

  • with Yoav Kerner, Ricky Roet-Green, Arik Senderovich and Yaron Shaposhnik (submitted; latest draft)

One-Sentence Summary: We derive accurate predictions for patients' waiting times in a queue, when the system predictor only observes partial queue length.

Interpretable Rules for Predicting Congestion Risk in Queueing Systems: Applications to ICUs

  • with Fernanda Bravo, Cynthia Rudin and Yaron Shaposhnik (R&R, Management Science; latest draft)

One-Sentence Summary: We apply queueing theory and machine learning (ML) to derive interpretable prediction rules for ICU capacity issues in short term.

Research Yuting Yuan.mp4

A 5-minute video tour of my research (produced in 2021).

Information Visibility in Omnichannel Queues

  • with Ricky Roet-Green (working, draft available at SSRN)

One-Sentence Summary: We study the impact of the invisible queue in an omnichannel system on throughput and social welfare, where customers strategically decide to join or balk.


Lab Instructor

  • Operations Management, MBA (Rating: 4.5/5)

Teaching Assistant

  • Advanced Business Modeling, MBA/MS

  • Programming for Analytics, MS

  • Social Media Analytics, MS

  • Information System for Management, MBA

  • Introduction to Business Analytics, MBA/MS

Research Presentations

  • INFORMS Healthcare Conference, Virtual, 2021

  • CORS Annual Conference, Virtual, 2021

  • POMS 31th Annual Conference, Virtual, 2021

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Virtual, 2020

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, 2019

  • INFORMS Workshop on Data Science, Seattle, WA, 2019

  • INFORMS Healthcare Conference, Cambridge, MA, 2019

  • POMS 30th Annual Conference, Washington D.C., 2019